Our names are Colten Maynard and Alvin Lopez. Here is our story.

It has been our goal and vision since 1990. MAYK it. The definition to us at the time? Probably similar to 90% of motocross racers out there right now. Hit the big show. Create a living and income off of racing our dirt bikes and traveling the world. Which is what we were doing at the time. Racing week in and week out, traveling to every amateur national out there, grabbing a few titles as we go. Our pro careers were coming near. It was 2006 and we were both 16 yrs old. The same year, 1 month apart, we both had career ending crashes, leaving us both in the hospital for weeks. After getting back at our feet, we both got real jobs. Having a vision of standing out with our apparel, and the fear of fitting in, is what createdMAYKERSMAYKERS is a lifestyle brand that represents the concept of “MAYKING IT” in life. Spending every dollar to our name, blood, sweat, and tears is what makes the brand. 2 young kids with a dollar and a dream. MAYK IT.

MAYKERS Chain featured on Stone Edler in Sports Illustrated

A story so inspiring, Sports Illustrated gave it a feature. Check the article out HERE ...

Summer Product Rollin' In

The '14 summer line is brewing up to be one of our best ever... We are slowly starting to finish some of the new designs, hand printing each and every...

New Product x Mini O's Approaching

Keep up to date on the website, as new product will be rolling out every week. We just dropped the FLRDA Tee in 3 different colorways. Next up are 3...


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